"There is no love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love." Bryant H. McGill

I ended this week with a look into forgiveness. Firstly, I am grateful for becoming aware of the what I need to forgive myself for and how powerful a change in my perception can be. 

I had, not one, but two circumstances for a perception change, present themselves. The first trigger was a voicemail containing the cost of an appointment significantly higher than my original quote.  The second, later that day, was when I was requested to work for free. By the second trigger I had already become aware that I was not at ease with my feelings. So in order for me to attempt to resolve this I wrote my emotions down. 

I felt anger, confusion, felt lied to, and taken advantage of... The list went on. I battled with these thoughts and struggled with my response. I felt wronged and therefore must be right. However the voice "Love did not create this. There must be a better way to look at this." came to mind.

What if I chose love? A new perspective lead me to question: Am I being taken advantage of? What pre-existing energy am I bringing into the situation? It hit me! I have continuously used the statement "I can't afford". I can't afford the apartment, the outfit, the bills, the appointment, to work for free... It's been, dare I say it a mantra/affirmation? 

Have I  not only been allowing, but also creating my present state and condition? Have my words and actions been creating a reality to match these parameters? What if I chose to live in love and abundance, free of fear and scarcity? What if I project this new perspective to allow myself to align with the universe and its infinite abundant nature.

So what if going forward I just choose yes. "I can afford your asking price", and "I am abundant in time, resources, talents and love.". This certainly free's up a whole lot of space for appreciation and miracles! 

I am so grateful for these lessons! What a truth bomb to be shown how I have been responsible for my reality through my words and actions. By truly having the faith in the universe is abundant that miracles are a natural state of being, I can now begin to believe I am abundant, and I can afford what I desire. Most importantly, I FORGIVE myself for not learning this sooner. 


Tovah Avigail Weingarten