You had me at Namaste

Growing up my favorite book was Are you my mother? By P.D Eastman.

The story is about a little bird that falls out of its mother’s nest. The little bird goes out into the world searching for his mother, searching for family, searching for acceptance and belonging. I can’t tell you how many times... I’ve felt like that fucking bird.

This past Sunday night I went to my first #mediclub.

I timidly walked in-- feeling like a little bird. I took in the beautiful open space. My eyes darted to chairs and floor seats which were arranged in a perfect semi-circle around magnificent crystal sound bowls and tuning forks. I walked in alone, not knowing a soul. Just my nervous little bird self.

I waited a few minutes removed my coat and looked at the group of people in a circle. Then came that pesky voice "What am I doing here? Do I belong here? Hmm. No one’s wearing shoes? Do I take mine off? Should I just hang my coat up?"

Ahhhh the fear of not knowing what to do with myself--little bird. What is up with that nonsense? Since when am I shy??

I smiled to the group which had gathered and was immediately greeted by a beautiful girl named Erin. She was kind and inviting and caught me up to speed. Ah yes, I'm an early bird. That pesky voice in my head calmed down a little. I sighed in relief.

Moments later another gorgeous soul, Anna, came up and showered me with an outpouring of compliments from my hair, to my coat... gosh. Can I keep her in my pocket forever? Wow, I thought, everyone in here is so inviting and welcoming!! Little bird likey.

I began to spot a familiar face here and there but it was time for the main event. The silence. The quiet. The meditation. The experience of sameness.

I meditate daily but I meditate alone. I’m free to cry, laugh, sing, raise my arms in gratitude, or sway to the vibration of the sounds surrounding my body.

I had no idea what to expect in this group setting. But I thought, hey not uncommon for me to release stuck emotions in a yoga class. So I'll surrender. Worst case scenario--I let my mascara run and leave with an unintentional Halloween costume, "Hey everybody! I'm a raccoon.”

As soon as the meditation was over - Jesse, the event organizer and his team of superhumans got up to speak. Several new and old members shared life experiences, hardships, things they look forward to etc. And It all really boiled down to one thing

Everyone goes through shit. There is a sameness about that. We all want to make our lives better.

The event then transitioned back to reality, music blaring and human mingling galore. Not your typical idea of what a meditation event would be like. Every person I spoke to lit a fire in me. We spoke the same language. I lost count of how many new friends and Facebook connections I had made!

After the lights were literally turned off on the conversations, My stunning new friend Maariana and I moved the party to a bar on the corner where we spent hours discussing life, happiness, the quest for love and New York City.

I felt totally at home. Happy little bird. Can I get a #SQUADGOALS?

Mediclub is a group meditation experience created by @JesseIsrael   (@TheBigQuiet) 

For anyone already practicing or even medi-curious I highly recommend you check out these gatherings.

Tovah Avigail Weingarten