Bee Totem

Hey! Okay so It happened again today! Lately, more and more I have noticed when casually walking around the city a small bumble bee will fly by me, sometimes it will fly around me, often circling me and grabbing my attention. 

Unlike in my past, when I used to fear this kind of buzzing attention, I simply notice it, and wonder why, yet again, this little bee has decided to greet me, always at random and seemingly out of place. My first reaction is to... well, BE. Not go, not do, not think, just be. 

Now I became curious about what the bee symbolizes! Well apparently the bee is known universally as a symbol of diligence, obedience and work ethic. Well that certainly makes sense for this busy little bee! 

Ancient texts believe the bee is the sacred insect that bridges the natural world to the underworld. Whoa now! What does that mean?! Must be all this meditating! 
Different cultures all seem to agree that the bee is a powerful symbol relating to the work ethic and industriousness of the bee. 

Different teachings describe bees as analogous to royalty, the epitome of the ideals of industry, of creativity and wealth. My favorite find was that of Grandmother Twylah of the Seneca, sharing that the bee is the symbol of an industrious, selfless, self sufficient person who can deal with great success in a wide range of activities! Thanks Gram, I'll take it! Sounds about right anyway! 

So, Okay little bee, maybe you're my little animal spirit, my totem animal. What a fab little spirit guide to have! It's believed that a bee is a peaceful entity that brings organization and construction to chaos and confusion. The bee can be a messenger of the Great Mystery. Bringing messages from higher consciousness in dreams and visions. (Yup!) Most importantly the bee teaches how to keep your "stinger" sheathed until you really need it!!

Tovah Avigail Weingarten