Faith is so misunderstood. Why do some people "have" faith, while others seem to seek it. Some always looking for it, As though Faith is a set of misplaced keys. 

So what is faith and how can you find some?

I honestly never thought having faith was an issue I struggled with. Miraculously despite so many obstacles I've overcome in my life and countless moments of defeat, I always had the faith that my life will somehow get on track and lead me to greatness. If I could live in a state of pure awareness of faith how would my life be different? What would I do differently if I knew I would always be guided to my greatness? 

This week, I was presented an opportunity to receive closure from someone I truly had given up on ever receiving closure from. With the same approach to this question I'd like to share a statement about what I learned from this experience.

"Always be authentic even when others are not ready to receive it." 

In my opinion authenticity goes hand-in-hand with faith. Authenticity is a true knowing of the self. When you know yourself the universe will remove those that no longer serve you and bring forth those that do. I am grateful for everything and everyone that has been brought forth in my life and have faith that those, though some painfully removed, did serve a purpose for that shared point in time.

Looking at Faith from this perspective can I look at painful events as thankful events? That perhaps it is divine intervention that these obstacles disguised as as fools gold were removed so that I may continue on my path to greatness? 

If that's the case, How wondrous to be set free from those that no longer serve me who were perhaps a distraction from the wholeness that I already am.

So with this being said, I ask again what is faith? Faith is authenticity. Faith is freedom. Faith is allowing the release of fear. What's that quote again? "What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?" Having faith creates space for wellness wholeness and love.

To help me when I'm in need of a reminder I created this affirmation:

"I have faith that my authenticity is my birthright and that self expression is self love. Faith is a sacred treasure buried in each of us; that once found, can significantly alter our perception of reality. Allowing the universe to express it's ever present abundant nature. With authenticity, faith, and love I will always be guided to my greatness." 

Tovah Avigail Weingarten