"Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to human existence"
Erich Fromm


Tovah Avigail


Tovah Avigail is a Spiritual Concierge, Co-Founder of VIBEHAUS and creator of her signature Vibrational Reading. Tovah has developed a unique talent of seeing a crystalline image of the unconscious psychological imprints that affect the way your life unfolds. In other words, Tovah’s intuitive abilities tune into the vibrational frequencies a client is holding via their emotions and thoughts. Tovah passionately shares her gift by working with clients to bring clarity, direction to realign clients with their goals, dreams, and deepest desires. Her intention is to strengthen or reconnect clients with their inner purpose and create practical steps towards more mindful and meaningful living. 

Tovah’s aim is to work with clients in a practical ways and help create a perfectly tailored regimen for wellness, healing, and meaningful self-exploration. She works intimately with each of our talented team members and practitioners, and knows their services and strengths inside and out. This allows for personalized guidance towards optimal wellness, happiness, and fulfillment. She can recommend effective ways to combine modalities and explore new practices to get the most of what her company  VIBEHAUS has to offer.