"Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to human existence"
Erich Fromm


Tovah Avigail


Tovah Avigail is the Spiritual Concierge,  Founder and Empressario of VIBEHAUS. She created her signature Vibrational Readings with her unique talent at seeing a crystalline image of the unconscious psychological imprints that affect the way your life unfolds. In other words, Tovah’s intuitive abilities tune into the vibrational frequencies you are holding mentally, emotionally and energetically. Then she assesses any discrepancies or interference. Finally, she passionately shares her gift by working with clients to bring forth the clarity and direction, fully re-aligning them with their authentic life path, purpose and deepest desires. 

In addition to her personal offerings, Tovah’s role as the Spiritual Concierge of VIBEHAUS, will access the necessary referrals and collaborations with her highly curated resource pool of uniquely talented specialists.  Being intimately acquainted with their services, modalities, and practical applications due to her own Spiritual Awakening and Journey, she is uniquely gifted at aligning her clients with them, as well as with the latest and most effective Modalities.



My Mystical Journey took flight the year my beloved Grandmother passed away. Bette McMahon Hawkins was not only a link to my childhood and heritage but also to the glamorous and magical world of Hollywood’s Golden Era. She boasted a 16 inch waist in her prime and worked as Marilyn Monroe’s Stand-in, too. In her later years, she was honored with an official Holiday, by the Chamber of Commerce in Atwater Village, Los Angeles, CA. Ultimately, she lived a very long (a week shy of her 100th Year! ) healthy, robust life, but it was still devastating for me to lose her. Among the articles she left behind, was a ‘Fortune’ Deck of Cards, once belonging to Madame Violet a Hollywood Costumer who read as many fortunes to the stars as she did fittings. Madame Violet was My Grandmother’s Aunt Through Marriage and through the mysterious synchronicities of life, gifted Bette the deck.  It was the first time, I really handled a deck of cards. And I realized soon enough that her passing came with this gifting of Card Divination and I was instantly initiated, though, at the time, I did not know all that this Initiation would entail.


Adding to my grief, many more things, too, seamingly were slipping away. I lost My apartment, My Primary Client, My Closest Confidant, and my Identity as a Hairstylist within that Year. Normally these kinds of challenges would send me into an emotionally taxing and stressful downhill spiral, but instead I found myself (the initiate) cultivating a meditation practice, completing several Yoga Classes daily, spending much time alone, devouring books (and any resources I could get my hands on) about Astrology, Metaphysics, and the links between Judeo-Christian Theology, traditional wisdom, and ancient archetypes. During this self imposed intensive learning, I most certainly suffered, But I can now identify it as a break through instead of a break down.  


I began dabbling with Madame Violet’s Deck. What started as playful fun, quickly took on a life of its own. I seemed to intuitively know how to use them and the feedback I would get from my amateur readings, performed on friends, was startling as well as inspiring. Soon after, I purchased and/or was gifted other decks, this time including Tarot, Oracle, and Le Normand, to name a few. A definite synthesis was occurring among my structured self-care, voracious learning, and intuitive card pulling; and I knew, I needed, or was ready for formal training.  


Before the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment Psychic Skills Certification Program, I completed courses in Evolutionary Astrology with Simon Vorster, Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light Healing Science Workshops, Michael Harner’s The Way of the Shaman Workshops, regularly studied The Alexander Technique, and received Energy + Crystal Healing. With my new found techniques and understandings, I stepped into my new Identity as The Spiritual Concierge and every day feel and observe deeper wisdom, continual growth, and clarity of my particular work.


It was a marvel to discover that my story aligned with what I came to learn: That is, traditionally speaking, one is gifted or inherits one’s first deck and this instance, initiates the path of the mystic. It is like inheriting a talent that asks to be honed; one passed down through a sacred synchronicity. The variety of decks I use now, serve diverse purposes and may even be used in tandem. I’ve come to be quite open minded with regard to the specifics of how to use the cards and I will delineate my methodology below. Most important, however,  is my understanding that each deck is essentially ‘encoded’ with particular meaning or intention, and that a deck has its own particular language ready to be deciphered and ‘read’. The reader really gets to discover this code and the fantastical mysteries within.

At present, I define my goal as a card and vibrational reader: As objectively as possible (while holding empathically the subject or sitter’s deepest needs) to interpret the cards, using my own unique psychic and intuitive abilities. I’ve learned to create an intimate relationship with the deck. This may be done in various ways, such as : reviewing each card individually, familiarizing oneself with each card, meditating with a deck or even just one card, applying the deck to my own personal use, questions or energies, learning (memorizing) their predetermined or ‘accepted’ interpretations, mastering the ability to allow for spontaneous and intuitive interpretations that may be invoked psychically, as well as practicing discernment between te varying interpretations. Interpretation, itself, is a complex notion. I aim for objectivity, but of course recognize how everything is filtered and informed by Spirit (focused consciousness matching the vibrational frequency), the collective consciousness, Source (or what Most would Call G-D), and of course through my own lens, vocabulary, and experience.

Many readings entail as their catalyst a desire for guidance or clarity, in order to provide this assistance, I act as a conduit for Spirit to provide the answers. While clients may come as frequently or as seldom as they desire, I also avoid an unnecessary dependency. I encourage their time to reflect, connect inwardly, find their own unique path for spiritual growth and guide/follow up with their progress by introducing various healing modalities from my coterie of resources, teacher and healers. I have come to organically embody my brand-name also gifted to me by a friend, colleague and spiritual kindred spirit - ‘The Spiritual Concierge’.


My confidence and skill set has grown immensely in a few short years. Allowing me to classify and decode what were once mysterious, random, even scattered messages. The most clarifying and useful information I gleaned was from defining and working with the ‘Clairs’. Knowing what they are and how they work finally allowed my to interpret accurately and objectively.

To recapitulate and clarify it now, The Clairs as they are often referred to, mean : clear senses. They are the Psychic Sensitivities corresponding to the Senses beyond limitations of time and space. And I believe they are our evolutionary birthright. That as we connect to Oneness and as we practice Holism, what was once extra sensory gifts will be the norm. They include:

Claircognizance (Clear Knowledge)
Clairvoyance (Clear Vision)
Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)
Clairsentience (Clear Feeling)
Clairempathy (Clear Emotion)
Clairsalience (Clear Smell)
Clairgustance (Clear Taste)
Clairtangency (Clear Touch)

All part of a supreme potential as extra sensory beings. I connect with all of these, in one way or another, and find them useful independently and sometimes in the case of Channeling or some intense Readings they seem to be integrated in that wholeness. I’m very grateful for the psychic gifts, clear sense, and mostly this initiate’s calling and permission to explore them in depth with great reverence to Spirit.


I remain open minded, fiercely optimistic, but firmly committed to the path of the Mystic. Given all we have learned and all that we have infinite access to, I have distilled it to the following: connecting to my higher self, honoring the intuitive and psychic knowings and trusting the messages being received from spirit.