Crystal Healing


Before diving into the science of crystals themselves, we need to understand that everything in the world is matter and all matter vibrates at different vibrational frequencies. So, everything has its own vibration – you, me, your chair, your phone and… crystals!

Humans and our parts are always vibrating at all different rates (dominant oscillatory rates) whereas crystals have just one dominant oscillatory rate. This vibration will differ according the the particular molecular composition of the crystal, its size and shape as well as its colour which affects the light frequency…. Click to read more.

According to the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another. This is an important thing to note – in healing, we are not creating or destroying energy, but rather we are transforming and transmuting it.

Crystals are resistant to entropy, which refers to a tendency to go towards disorder. As humans, we tend towards entropy. Anything in our life, our mind, our environment can easily shake us and affect our vibration, our dominant oscillatory rate. Someone says something that hurts us, and our frequency is affected. If it’s a sunny day out – that, too, affects our vibration. But because crystals are geometrically perfect (and humans are not), they can easily maintain their high vibration.

So – crystals generally vibrate at a higher amplitude to humans, great. But what does this mean for us? How can we utilise this?

This is where crystal healing comes in. By engaging the theory of entrainment, we can raise our vibration to meet that of the crystal we are working with. Entrainment essentially means that, due to their stability, their syntropy (opposite of entropy) and their high-amplitude frequency, crystals will tend to ‘take over’ in a way and supersede the energy around them, raising it to their level. Pretty cool right!? I sure think so.

In crystal healing sessions certain crystals are used by placing them either on your body or within your energy field to encourage this entrainment, this lift of your energy to meet that of the crystal. Crystals are simply a tool that can be used to change the frequency of your body or your environment. Within crystal healing sessions, you can cleanse the chakras (energy centres), heal your electromagnetic field through Light Transference.

Recap by Eleanor Hadley