"The first stage is when you totally believe in witchcraft.
The second is when you realize it’s a complete lot of rubbish.
The third is when you realize that it’s a complete lot of rubbish; but that somehow it also seems to work."
—Ronald Hutton




 "We're all just walking each other home."
-Ram Dass. 


Tovah is an absolute gem of a person! This was my first Tarot card reading and her professional, but personal nature made it a magical one. She let me record the whole session & sent me photos of the cards. This has been helpful to dissect the reading and dive into it on my own accord. Overall, I walked away with a fresh perspective and actionable things that I’m excited to integrate to my life. I’m super grateful for this experience & would highly recommend Tovah as a guide.
— -I
Tovah is my secret weapon. She has given me the tools and guidance to thrive and live my best life here in the city. She is generous in her exchanges and creates a safe space for healing and evolution.
Her passion to share her gift with others is obvious in every interaction. She just is truly magical. There is no other way to say it. Her words resonate with me far beyond our session and I feel as though she sends me into the city with her support as my armor.
Tovah gave me the courage to quit a toxic job that was no longer serving me and start my own company. She has encouraged me to embrace my inner power and our readings are a true check point in in my journey to becoming my best most thriving self.
She is my unicorn and secret weapon.
— -S C
Tovah Avigail is a charming young woman who has a special gift for understanding astrology and being a Spiritual Concierge. Her bright and sunny disposition combined with clairvoyant abilities make her vibrational readings both healing and enlightening.
At one time I was skeptical, but after seeing events unfold so close to how it was predicted, I live my life with more confidence and gratitude. You’ll probably agree with some information, be surprised by other topics that come up, but I wouldn’t dismiss anything that you might hear during your session. Certain events and transformations are happening 10 months after my session.
A unicorn living in the concrete jungle, Tovah Avigail will help show you the path to being the best version of YOU!
— -B W
I met Tovah through a mutual friend and had no prior knowledge of her work. Upon hearing her describe her craft my interest was immediately piqued. After several inquisitive questions and a business card exchange later, I decided to schedule an official appointment.
I’ve never participated in a reading of any kind before so the days leading up to our session were filled with an anxious/nervous energy. To keep our meeting on-track I revisited the link describing her readings and completed her pre-session in-take form, Not only did it help guide our conversation but also helped to set expectations for our session.
When I arrived to my session a sense of calm came over me and remained for the 90 minutes of its duration. Everything about my experience was fantastic. The atmosphere exuded serenity—it reminded me of getting on the yoga mat and getting into a deep flow state. Tovah’s instruction-led approach and open-dialogue style kept me informed every step of the way. Answers to questions at the beginning of our session materialized by the time we finished. For that 90 minutes she was the steward on my journey, yet we were partnered in parallel.
I left my session completely blown away. I was also extremely happy with the high level of attention and professionalism by Tovah. I won’t get into detail but everything that we talked about ended up manifesting. When I look back on our conversation I am still in shock. Because of this, I will definitely return for another session (and perhaps multiple!).
Don’t just go off my word, see for yourself.
— -S

Tovah is one of the most talented healers I’ve ever known. Not only is she incredibly wise and intuitive, she’s also radiant and a delight. Her deep insights have unhooked me from blockages that were weighing me down for who-knows-how-many years. Her intuition gave me so much clarity that I literally can’t revert to old habits... I see the situation too clearly now. Words can’t express my gratitude. Tovah is a treasure
— -L.S.

I really, really enjoyed [my session.] The environment [Tovah] set is so peaceful and open. I felt very comfortable talking and sharing my own personal struggles. [Tovah] really has a gift. I look forward to exploring the topics and subjects that came up. She has such depth and life and playfulness and creativity, with such deep beauty both inside and out.
— J.D.

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