Womens March

Oh hey, completely unnecessary Facebook statusesWasn’t expecting you...

Or how bout this reposted gem? 


Let's be clear, No one is ignoring the horrific, violent acts that are happening to women, men and children around the world. We have simply begun shining light on the issues that are first hitting  home.

A drowning person cannot save another drowning person. 

We have now recognized the power of the people. Once we can come together and find compassion, peace and understanding within our own nation (like not continuously arguing over this topic on social media) then we can finally come together as a nation and help other nations around the world. 

Conflict resolution truly is about active listening. And it doesn't seem like that is even happening on social media.

Since neither of you gentlemen are a tampon, I highly advise against inserting yourself into the depths of women’s issues unless you’re actually looking for genuine clarity on the topic. 

Hmm... So where to begin? What first came to mind is I could just stick with a few of the details that a simple "Hey Siri!" could've delivered to you...

Here's just a handful of m&m's (Misogyny and Male chauvinism) that could use just a little more forward momentum such as:

How much longer will we prevent science from finding other forms of contraception other than just fucking with women’s bodies? Last I checked we’re not the ones doing the impregnating. 

Are you really taxing us on our tampons? Cuz wow, let me tell you, what a luxury! Yup. Stuffing our genitals like we’re re-corking a bottle of Prosecco for tomorrow’s mimosas...

Speaking of brunch, The Planned Parenthood myth of it being some dark abortion factory—(And not the incredible safe haven for affordable reproductive health that it is!) Check it. I assure you, no girl is setting up regularly scheduled abortion appointments like their weekend brunches on open table or their bi-weekly drybar blow-out... 

How are STI screenings actually not screening for MOST STI’s! Feel free to Google the impact and risk of STI’s in women as opposed to men.

How is the discussion of “vagina rights” even a thing... let alone the difficulty in obtaining contraception to those who do desire to take it? Legit fact. It's easier to get a gun. 

The possibility of overturning Roe v Wade should not only not be on the table, it should be nowhere near a table or a room with a table in it... Tables should literally be discontinued if there's a chance this could find its way onto one.


Oops, my bad. Getting CARRIEd away with the easily googled details (That you could just look up on your own...)

My plan was to discuss the solution by touching on the root of this entire issue. Just ask any woman, roots are always an issue and need touch ups... (Hairstylist version of a Dad-Joke)

Without personal judgement, I can't help but wonder what would lead anyone to asking this question since I have witnessed that Facebook can get pretty heated and argumentative with these kinds of things. The conclusion I see is, it sounds like you simply desire your voice to be heard and that you lack understanding on this topic... Here's an idea! Maybe try harder?

Conflict in general tends to arise when one is:

  • Wanting to prove themselves right.
  • Plain old misinformed. 
  • Fearful of one’s belief system or paradigm being threatened. 

Leads to the philosophy "One who does not understand others does not understand oneself."

Anyhow Back to the Root...

No, Not Those Roots. 

This all comes down to Divine Masculine (DM) and Divine Feminine (DF). For Science folks Left-brained and Right-brained. We all have both. In our current culture females are meant to ONLY display DF qualities, and males are ONLY meant to display DM qualities. Both polarities are meant to be integrated. For we only know ourself by our relation to the other.

My hope is that every man would be supported and allowed to integrate the divine feminine within themselves and still be socially acceptable.

This way men could be empowered and have compassion and maybe even understanding towards women's issues. Such a man would also be respectful of women who are integrating their divine masculine...

This leads me to the wage gap issue...

Actually, It's more of a thigh gap issue...

The reason for men’s increased earning potential has little to do with the employer, job or maternity leave. It’s something called imprinting or as science calls it, epigenetics.

Unfortunately most men are still cellularly structured to place the majority of their focus (aka self worth) on what they acquire, how much they earn. Sadly for women it's placed on appearance and age.

These limiting beliefs are imprinted into human DNA. It is a mutation of the cellular structure which can either be further mutated or healed and re-aligned through awareness, empathy, resonance and integration.

I'm talking about centuries of deeply rooted limiting gender beliefs that simply do not apply to, or resonate with the forward momentum or direction our culture and society is ascending towards. 

It is only pretty damn recently--I’m talking 1943-- that Rosie the Riveter sashayed her way on the scene to encourage women to join the workforce... Until then for hundreds and thousands of year’s it was men’s wages, power, strength and control that women simply relied on for survival. 

Shocking- the external appearance imprint on females that the younger and prettier females were, the better husband/life they'd have. This charade couldn't last forever so women began to embrace the power and assertiveness that comes with integrating the DM.

Women who have ascended past the old paradigm and framework have now found themselves no longer needing men for survival. These women now desire a man-- A man that actually brings something to the table.

(We can bring tables back from being discontinued now...)

Men who have followed suit with DF integration, connect far beyond the physical aspects of relationship and delve deep into the essence of their female counterpart(ner).

In my opinion this is where true equality will begin. When men GET TO experience this type of deep emotional connection--which women have shared and bonded through for millennia.

Now we're cooking with fire!!! Integrated polarities within ourselves, deepen our human connection and experience with our partners, communities, nations, planet, cosmos...

Tangent much? Somehow I have brought us to outer space so let me bring this back to earth with the original topic in question. 

The Womens March was not only about women. However, it was aptly named by the group who organized it, WOMEN. I'd imagine that would be a pretty universally relatable group. 
FACT: If you are a human being on this planet your entire creation and existence began inside of one. 

Saturdays March was a manifestation of solidarity--to highlight all forms of inequality, race, gender, income class, divide, which separate us from one another.

Simply put, women are the embodiment of change, cyclical, masters of the ebbs and FLOWS, mirrors of the moon. It's part of female existence on the planet.

We live in a culture where DM qualities are highly encouraged and as a bi product of that, DF qualities feel discouraged.

We, all of us, men and women alike, right now more than ever, need to strengthen our divine feminine qualities-- the ones that are currently so deeply lacking in our culture-- such as intuition, nurturing, selflessness, expressed emotion... These have been suppressed for thousands of years... Until now...

Welcome to the age of Aquarius!

Come on in, Boys! The water's fine. We women are waiting to get all wet and aquatic in the new age but y’all cold-fish misaligned-men are stuck in the Piscean Era. 

A lot of the issues currently at play stem back to plain old greed and control. Can you not?

Removing reproductive health rights from the underprivileged and lower classes create more "work force laborers" who will get stuck in the system. This is modernized slavery.

The immediate future will "benefit" the upper class/employers/privileged. However, the demographics are shifting-- minorities becoming majority (Hey Siri! What’s the birth rate ratio by classes?). The system is breaking down and falling apart. (Yay!) But until we have fully shifted it is still a reality that needs attention.

This story is so cyclical, history repeating, revolutions... repeating a pattern and expecting different results... we all know the definition to that.

The failure of the low income system is not something I needed to google. I can tell you from my own personal experience. I got out of that system by the skin on my teeth! I acknowledge this is greatly due to the color of my skin, thanking my lucky stars I know how to use my womanhood appropriately, and the ability to educate myself and adapt.

While I'm on the topic of experience, to date, I have been to Planned Parenthood at least a dozen times and have had a total of ZERO abortions. Only yearly Paps, STI screenings, affordable if not free contraception and various other counseling services. Always provided by friendly, helpful receptionists, doctors and nurses.  DONATE

Trump Supporters: It's alright if you support this man as the president because you believe he will benefit your business/taxes, or benefit Israel, or benefit SOMETHING dear to you. That’s cool. You’re entitled to your opinion...

Excuse me, Where is the lobby?  Down the hall and to the left. 

Excuse me, Where is the lobby? 
Down the hall and to the left. 

(I mean goodness would you look at this thesis of an opinion which I’m having for dinner right now?)

I just don't agree with disproving people's belief systems. But level with me, can't you at the very least admit that the man uses vulgar speech and exhibits sexist and childish behavior... just acknowledgement? You have the right to believe he is the correct choice for you but are you really going to gaslight and turn a blind eye on his shortcomings?

The solution and change will not be created from the top, down. The solution and change will be created from the bottom, up. The solidarity that was this past weekend is the beautiful beginning of what human connection can be, the power of togetherness, the recognition, the awareness and the direction towards true change.

I was told that my solution was only "interpretive", and not "factual".

"Interpretive" solutions are actually more mind and consciousness expanding that various facts. As it can be all encompassing. It's not about the "factual details" as much as it's about the root of the issue.

Step one of change is recognizing what is not in alignment. Recognition of misalignment can bring your consciousness to look at someone else's point of view and there you have it, Balance.

Condescending uninformed questioning of what is currently underway will leave you behind.

Allowing yourself to be spoon fed beliefs is how one is indoctrinated and brainwashed. It's far more respected and valuable to listen, comprehend, research and with the use of one's own intellect, discernment, and will, create paradigms and beliefs that resonate with you.

The greatest kings are those that recognize their position of power and use it for the greater good. To understand and appreciate the roles of his people... that no role is insignificant. The archetype of the King actively plays the central role of order and blessing, benevolence and fertility, strength and balance.

The whole sitting atop the throne is old Saturnian paradigm and will shortly be entirely removed. The dog eat dog, survival of the fittest, fear and scarcity complex is no longer the vibrational resonance of our new collective frequency.

But in the meantime, Pull out a game of chess to remind yourself who really makes game winning moves... Check mate.

Choose empathy, compassion, understanding. LOVE.


Tovah Avigail Weingarten